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Babies First Outing

            We’ve had a little excitement here on the farm. One of our hens that is just a year old herself, decided to go broody on us a few weeks ago. There were a few times that I tried to break her of being broody, I even went as far

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Daily Life on the Road for Women

I receive a lot of emails from women asking how I live while out of the road- as far as taking care of myself hygiene wise. So today I thought I would put together a few picture with some links on what I use and how I get along while on the road and most

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Spring Fever

The snow, ice, and cold are getting to me us. And sitting in Arizona with bright sunshine and green grass popping up in the ditches isn’t helping any! I keep sitting here thinking that when I get home I’m going to go out and start digging and planting! And then I slowly come back to

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The Dolly McMuffin

Please don’t tell McD’s that I’m using their ‘Mc’ but I just couldn’t help myself. Their McMuffin could never compare to Dolly’s anyway. I know a lot of people eat at McDonalds. I however, try to avoid the place like the plague since their food is so over processed and I can make most of

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