Living in a Truck 101

I thought I would do a quick post since I whipped these up this afternoon. Living in a truck has its goods and bad. For me, I’ve found some easy ways to adapt living in a truck box most like living at home which makes road life pretty good.

One thing I have found though, is living in a truck  leaves you with not a lot of privacy which some days bugs me. Most trucks are equipped with curtains of some sort, but they are like everyone else’s which I do not like. And for a flat top pete and most of the kenworth trucks I’ve had, you end up with a sleeper curtain that locks you into your sleeper with no view out. I end up feeling VERY claustrophobic in them (think coffin) so I refuse to use them.

Luckily my mother bought me a very nice sewing machine for my birthday and this is the second set of curtains I’ve made for Rosie. I was happier with the first I made since the material was from a good sewing shop. This material was from walmart, so of coarse you don’t get the quality, but the female skull and crossbones design I could not pass up!!

I back the fabric with a nice muslin which makes them hang nice and keeps the sun and cold out. This way,  I have my whole truck to move around in, I’m not stuck in my bunk and it just looks so damn cool….. These curtains which have 3 pieces to them cost me $19.00, the first set I made cost me $30.00 using 2 yards of each fabric.
I just hang them with velcro and they are easy to pull off  or put on in a hurry.

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I am a prisoner of the highway, farmer and lover of Mother Nature, the moon and stars, my long and low, flat-top Peterbilt, chickens, cats, dogs, horses, cooking, photography, tattoos, tea pots and vintage barnifacts…among other things. I’m also a very, happily married, third-generation truck driver. My career choice is both demanding and rewarding, just like most things in life that are truly good.