Truck Stop #3

Fail is all I can say…. I have never been a fan of Pilots or Loves for the fact that to me, they are nothing but a gas station with a few amenities and a small parking area for truckers.

But out of necessity or maybe it was desperation I stopped last week at a Love’s in Edna Texas. I was heading to the Valley to load produce, and as usual you never know how long your going to be stuck there.

I’m pretty sure the humidity in Texas was close to 100% and I wanted a shower. Bad thing is, there isn’t much on the way down and I thought since there were no trucks in the parking lot I’d slip into the Love’s and grab a quick shower without having to wait.

Sadly, it was a waste of time and I ended up headed to the Flying J in Edenberg.

When I walked into the Love’s there were no showers clean. The gal told me she would clean a shower for me so I waited. It took her all of 5 minutes to clean the shower, which I figured was not a good deal, but I wanted a shower so I headed back. The first thing I noticed was that the water faucet had not been cleaned in months…

And somebody’s hair was EVERYWHERE…

Like I’ve said before, hair really grosses me out! I mean was she blind? I walked back out and asked for my money back and thanked her for her time… She asked what the problem was, and I nicely asked her if she would shower in those rooms… And she couldn’t or wouldn’t answer my question…

I won’t be back and I hope you drivers ask for better service. A $10.00 shower should be clean!

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I am a prisoner of the highway, farmer and lover of Mother Nature, the moon and stars, my long and low, flat-top Peterbilt, chickens, cats, dogs, horses, cooking, photography, tattoos, tea pots and vintage barnifacts…among other things. I’m also a very, happily married, third-generation truck driver. My career choice is both demanding and rewarding, just like most things in life that are truly good.