Making Assumptions

For any of you that have been following along since the beginning, you know the reason I started One Girl trucking was because a drunk woman ran out in front of my truck, with her kids cheering her on because she said that I was speeding. And if you didn’t, now you do!

Well, you know what they say about assumptions right?

kind of had a conversation on Facebook with a gal that I grew up with not too long ago- the reason I say kind of is because after I told her that I thought she was making assumptions, she didn’t want to talk anymore. Or, at least to me.

Sadly to me, it really summed up what I think a lot of people think about truckers.



I will never say that there are not shitty and unsafe truck drivers out on the roadways. There are. I had a US Mail truck try to run me off the road this morning, so I know all too well…

That being said it is really sad that there are so many people out there that assume they are that important to us drivers to think that we are actually making complex schemes when we get up in the morning to ruin, upset, or make others lives more difficult— I wrote all of this while laughing in my most evil laugh I could muster…



The road she was talking about is called Piedmont Avenue and is also Highway 53 which is a major highway and truck route that connects the Iron Range with the Twin Ports. I grew up just south of Duluth and lived in Duluth for many years, so I am quite familiar with this highway, and that is the reason I know most (if any) trucks are not going down that hill at 60 miles an hour. There are numerous stop lights from the top to the bottom, and it is a pretty good down hill grade all the way down to i35.

Now, for jake brakes. I will say some of them are obnoxious. I will also agree that there are drivers that use them where they should not, and they know better. I’ve saw & heard them being used in Walmart parking lots. Really. If your running through town at 25-30 miles an hour or a parking lot which should be WAY slower, there is absolutely NO reason that they need to be used and I totally get people being pissed off in these instances. They are there however to slow a truck, and on this grade if I was loaded I would use my jake too.

But just like anything else, common sense & courtesy should be used.

As for speed. I had to laugh that she just knew that the trucks were going down the hill at almost 60 mph. Unless she carries a radar gun as a side arm she hasn’t a clue how fast anyone is going down the hill. And I know I shouldn’t, but could make the assumption that there are more 4 wheelers speeding down this hill rather than trucks. I could also assume that the cars that looked as if they were almost getting run over had just passed and pulled in front of the truck and then slammed their brakes on to make a turn on a side street that they knew was up ahead and could have waited behind said truck, but didn’t! I’ve been there, and if you drive for a living I know you have too.

So the reason for this post, and this post is because we all have to live together. Thankfully I have enough land around me that I don’t have to listen to much traffic because I don’t want to listen to traffic, but we do have to put up with farmers spraying chemicals all over crops that meet up with 3 side of our property. Do I think that they are intentionally trying to poison us and our animals? No. Do I love it? No, I absolutely hate it. But it’s where I live. And where I live is home. Some things you have to grin and bear, especially if you choose to move into a home that is next to a major highway.

Life isn’t perfect, but do we need to make things for ourselves and everyone around us any harder than it already is?





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