Decorating Your Truck 101

Living in a truck can get monotonous at times. A driver can run through many emotions in just one day, especially when things are not going as planned, which seems to happen a lot in the trucking industry, am I right?
When you have to leave your home and family behind, especially on certain days– like when you don’t want to go!, those feelings can be even worse. And it doesn’t help when you look at the truck your sitting in as just another tool for work, rather than making it your second home- which it should be.
One thing I have always done, (maybe because I’m female more than anything) but also because I like things from home around me for comfort, is to make my truck as comfortable and homey as possible. My truck in not girly by any means, but by adding little touches here and there it makes a huge difference in my living conditions while away from home. And since all of us can’t drive around huge rolling apartments like some of the fancy trucks you will see on the roads, you can still make your house on wheels your very own home sweet home.
Since we are going into summer (I hope!) and I always like to renew then, I thought I’d put together a few ideas for you.
  • Add color to your truck. Adding colorful rugs to the floor in front of your bed and in front of your seats always helps brighten up the place, and keeps it relatively clean. Keep in mind rugs that are removable are easier to clean, which if you run anywhere that there is snow, ice, mud or rain it will make them easier to clean when needed.
  • Make your bed with colorful and luxurious bedding. Add good bedding and sheets for the most comfortable sleep you can get. Although I don’t spend a lot of time in my bunk, when I do get to jump in bed, it is heaven every time. I have always used a good quality down comforter, covered with a duvet cover and good sheets. I have three different covers- one is flannel for use in the wintertime and the other two are cool cotton for use in the sumer time. They easily pull off for washing and add a lot of personality to my interior which makes me a very happy girl.
  • Keep a throw handy to cover your legs when you are just hanging around in your truck.
  • If your truck does not have curtains that cover your windows, cover your windows with bright and colorful options that compliment the rest of your truck or your personality so that you can move around in your whole truck, not just your sleeper. ***And for a little plug- I now make and sell good quality custom truck curtains which you can find over here. They are high quality cotton, and easily moveable from truck to truck. Why not cover your windows in COOL? 
  • Install an inverter, marine battery or generator to run your electronics, which brings me to the next item on the list- bring entertainment with you! I don’t play games, but I know a lot of guys who have xbox or the like in their truck and that’s what they do in their off time. I always have my computer, camera and lots of books and magazines along for the times that I have to sit and wait. Plus it is always a good thing to get out of your truck! Get outside and see the sights, don’t just relegate yourself to your truck or a truck stop, as there is lots to see in this world!
  • Add a few luxury items like a refrigerator, microwave and coffee pot and cook yourself a real meal. It doesn’t have to be fancy by any means, but a good meal that you make, can do lots for how a person feels about life in general.
  • Keep your truck clean- keep a good vacuum with, along with some glass cleaner and some rags so you can touch up when needed. I always feel better when I have a clean truck!
  • And most importantly, because we live in such small places while on the road, try to keep your accumulations to a minimum since this will make it easier to keep the area clean and as roomy as possible.

IMG_3254 copy


Think about what makes you feel at home when you are at home. Then, add those things to your truck and personalize it to your liking. It will make you feel more at home while away from home, and more likely to enjoy your time out on the road.

I have always looked at trucking as a lifestyle, and other than not being able to bring my chickens and ducks with, my truck is my home away from home.



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I am a prisoner of the highway, farmer and lover of Mother Nature, the moon and stars, my long and low, flat-top Peterbilt, chickens, cats, dogs, horses, cooking, photography, tattoos, tea pots and vintage barnifacts…among other things. I’m also a very, happily married, third-generation truck driver. My career choice is both demanding and rewarding, just like most things in life that are truly good.