The Farm

The Chickens

Eating Organic Oatmeal. They LOVE food and they’re never picky! It’s their Friday treat, along with a bale of Alfalfa. Although they have a ton of room to roam, they are stuck inside all winter. I try to give them something to do, and scratching through a bale of hay always excites them!

My girls are older. They range from 2 years to 5 years, yet they are giving us 3 to 5 eggs a day. I don’t force light on them in the winter, so eggs are a high commodity around here from the time they molt in September and October  though the new year. When the eggs start rolling in, I start thinking spring. My animals are better weather predictors than any weather man!

The Cats

Along with the 3 cats I have indoors, I have two that reside in my heated shop all winter long and overnight in the summer… All of my cats have been saved one way or another. Living on a farm gives you animals you don’t exactly need, but love none the less because people who don’t or won’t take care of them see a farm as a dropping point.

Squeak, the grey guy showed up a few years ago real skinny and sick. After having him neutered and feeding him good food he is my biggest boy. Sadie showed up last summer. Starving. I had her spayed too, and since she is on a good diet, she’s filling out nice. We think she’s about a year old since one of her ears was partially froze off. She luckily made it through one winter on her own…