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Babies First Outing


            We've had a little excitement here on the farm. One of our hens that is just a year old herself, decided to go broody on us a few weeks ago. There were a few times that I tried to break her of being broody, I even went as far as setting her in a snow bank to cool her down and to hopefully get her to change her mind but, she was dead set on being a mamma so finally I gave her her wish. I first started by making a nest in our big dog kennel and putting her and

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Daily Life on the Road for Women


I receive a lot of emails from women asking how I live while out of the road- as far as taking care of myself hygiene wise. So today I thought I would put together a few picture with some links on what I use and how I get along while on the road and most importantly, how I still look like a lady which is very important to me. Most days I'm able to grab a shower, but there are those days where it just doesn't get done. Either because I get stuck at a dock, end up parking away from a truck stop, or the place closest

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Spring Fever

Rufus, Duck, Drake

The snow, ice, and cold are getting to me us. And sitting in Arizona with bright sunshine and green grass popping up in the ditches isn't helping any! I keep sitting here thinking that when I get home I'm going to go out and start digging and planting! And then I slowly come back to reality, the reality that there is 3 feet of snow coving my gardens right now... ugh! And I'm betting with this last storm that has rocked the nation, a good share of you feel the same way! We've all been stuck inside for way too

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The Dolly McMuffin


Please don't tell McD's that I'm using their 'Mc' but I just couldn't help myself. Their McMuffin could never compare to Dolly's anyway. I know a lot of people eat at McDonalds. I however, try to avoid the place like the plague since their food is so over processed and I can make most of what they make in my kitchen. And, I will guarantee it tastes better and is better for everyone involved. Take their Egg McMuffin, I have been making these breakfast sandwiches in no time flat, and I would put them up against

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Dolly the Duck

Dolly the duck

We've had ducks over the years. And, of course we've loved every single one of them. They become family and we enjoy all of their different personalities and quirks. All of our other ducks though, could never hold a candle to Dolly.   Dolly is a dolly. She has a kind soul and the way she looks at me makes me think she knows she was saved by us. She follows us all over the property bringing Rufus and the rest of the clan with her. She is nosy- she has to mouth everything that she comes in contact with. She

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The Best Squash Soup Ever

Squash Soup

I grew a TON of squash this year. I love squash baked with butter, salt and pepper or cubed up in different meals, however I do not enjoy most squash soups out there. For me and my taste buds, a meal that is meant to nourish, should be savory only. Since squash soups tends to ride a fine line on sweetness, verses savory I have never fallen in love... until now. The weather in Minnesota has grown cold and since I have all that squash to use up I decided that it was going to be a soup day yesterday. I finally

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Dolly & Rufus

Dolly the Duck

No that is not lipstick on my duck! Dolly absolutely LOVES tomatoes, and if you watch the video below you can even hear her slurping up tomato juice. We've come to the conclusion that Dolly is VERY happy to have us as her family and is pretty pleased with where she is, verses the mud lot she was in before. Dolly lays one egg a day, she hasn't missed one since she started laying, which I absolutely love-- although I'd be happy if she took a break too. She is very interested in us, and usually will bring Rufus and

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The Magical Hummingbird

I thought I'd share my last Hummingbird of the year. Have a great Saturday everyone! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRtA76hCrRs&feature=share&list=UUlP-MBMXvShCewxbcfbPpug

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Dove Conditioner-Sponsored Post


As busy as the last month or two has been for me, I've truly been trying to keep up with daily life, and honestly, it has NOT been going well. Between canning, trucking, more canning, and taking care of my animals when home, my days have been whizzing by so damn quick I don't know if I'm coming or going. Then, to top it off, I was asked to try a new hair conditioner by Dove, and I thought I would to tell all of you about it. If you're interested, in return for your checking out their product, you will not only be

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Quick Truck Meal Ideas

Rice & Tomatoes

It's Saturday night, I put well over 600 miles of two lane on today and I'm hungry! It was raining out when I got here, which quickly put frying up a good burger out of my head so I moved on to plan B. I keep a stash of easy heat meals that I can heat up in my crockpot (since I don't own a microwave) under the bunk and prepackaged rice is one of them. Add that to a couple fresh (HOMEGROWN) tomatoes, shower them with some flaky salt, grind over fresh pepper and you have yourself a darn good meal. I generally

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