Dirty Ducks

IMG_1417 copy

  The weather has been a little weird around here for April. Last Monday I headed off to Houston Texas, and as I kissed Hubs goodbye I told him that hopefully we'd be working our gardens when I got home. And then on Thursday of last week we had over a foot of snow, (that I was thankfully not home for.) Then over the weekend we had even more snow/sleet/freezing rain to contend with. Living on a farm means all of that moisture does nothing but create muddy conditions and hold up anything to do with

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Spring Fever

Rufus, Duck, Drake

The snow, ice, and cold are getting to me us. And sitting in Arizona with bright sunshine and green grass popping up in the ditches isn't helping any! I keep sitting here thinking that when I get home I'm going to go out and start digging and planting! And then I slowly come back to reality, the reality that there is 3 feet of snow coving my gardens right now... ugh! And I'm betting with this last storm that has rocked the nation, a good share of you feel the same way! We've all been stuck inside for way too

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Dolly the Duck

Dolly the duck

We've had ducks over the years. And, of course we've loved every single one of them. They become family and we enjoy all of their different personalities and quirks. All of our other ducks though, could never hold a candle to Dolly.   Dolly is a dolly. She has a kind soul and the way she looks at me makes me think she knows she was saved by us. She follows us all over the property bringing Rufus and the rest of the clan with her. She is nosy- she has to mouth everything that she comes in contact with. She

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Dolly & Rufus

Dolly the Duck

No that is not lipstick on my duck! Dolly absolutely LOVES tomatoes, and if you watch the video below you can even hear her slurping up tomato juice. We've come to the conclusion that Dolly is VERY happy to have us as her family and is pretty pleased with where she is, verses the mud lot she was in before. Dolly lays one egg a day, she hasn't missed one since she started laying, which I absolutely love-- although I'd be happy if she took a break too. She is very interested in us, and usually will bring Rufus and

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A Sad Story With A Happy Ending

Black Swedish, Tippy, Rufus

The other day I mentioned that there was a bit of sadness here on the farm. I didn't really want to get into detail until I was sure and that we had rectified the situation. Rufus & Tippy A week ago last Friday I had been home all day in-between the house and garden. I spent a good share of my day canning, going in and out to hang clothes on the line and enjoying the sunshine. Since we have spoiled animals as soon as you go out the door, our whole group of ducks and chickens all come charging towards you

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Growing Up

Juvenile Chicks

I see life here on the farm at a week at a time, but those are always staggered by a week in Rosie, that takes me away from the action. The growing. The change. Just a few weeks ago they were babies. But then, after one week gone my babies look like mini full grown hens. I am in love with them all, but the Buff Orpingtons I just want to hug and squeeze since they are so fluffy and squeezy looking. Henrietta is another favorite of mine. I just love her colors, and I do believe the name fits her

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First Outing For The Babies


So yesterday I decided the ducks & chicks had probably seen enough of their confined quarters so, between Hubs and I we brought them outside for an afternoon in the sunshine and grass. The chicks took to the outdoors like they had been there their whole short life. The ducks on the other hand weren't too sure, especially when our older girls came up to see what all the commotion was about. I wasn't sure how my girls would feel about the new babies, but they didn't seem to care one way or another. The chicks were

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The New Additions

Marilyn, Chicks

I'm happy to report that we have new additions to the farm! Since we are down to our 5 older girls and only an egg or two a week if we're lucky, Hubs and I thought it was time to add to the flock. We now have 2 Black Swedish ducks, 3 Buff Orpingtons, 2 Austalorps and 3 Barred Rock hens. I have been working with them since they got settled in and now have them eating out of my hand. The ducks actually will sit down in Hubs hand and eat without any worry at all. I usually let my animals actions name

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Duck Update


On a more positive happy note that has absolutely nothing to do with trucks: I thought I had better give an update on the ducks. I'm always out with them hauling buckets of water so they can take baths & with that comes pictures but I've been having a heck of a time getting the pictures UP here! Everyone is doing well, but I do believe we all have a serious case spring fever. Where's the Water? As soon as we get close to the barn you can hear a barrage of quacking. When you open the door you have to step aside so

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Winter Duck Bath


This morning I let the ducks out to get a bit of fresh air. It was 17 degrees out and I knew they would like to stretch their wings a bit. They kept waiting around, looking for something so I drug out my two water pans to see it water was what they wanted. Of coarse it didn't take them a second to figure out what I was going after. They followed me up to the hydrant and back to where we let them bathe in the winter. They were happy as they could be, even though to me it didn't look one bit fun!

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