The Farm- Summer Thus Far


Does anyone else hear the crickets around here? Hello? I apologize. I've been busy and Verizon wireless has been really, really making life difficult, since the only time as of late I've had time to sit and look at my 'puter has been when I'm on the road and my little wireless do-hicky has NOT been working properly. So last night I finally broke down and called them to complain. I told them my wireless device was going to be placed under my drive tire and if they did not fix it right now, I was driving over it, smashing

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It’s Never Too Late

Crocus Flowers

Every fall I buy mass quantities of bulbs for my gardens, for under our maple trees, for anywhere I can possibly stick them in the ground, and every year without fail I am on the road just a little too much or I'm just too dang busy with other things to get them all dug in before the frost or poor weather sets in. Yet every year I enjoy these bulbs that have seemingly ended up sitting in my shop, left to dry up and go to waste. Luckily for me, I have beautiful south facing windows in my shop, and it sits at a

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How My Garden Grows

We are struggling here in Minnesota to have summer. It has rained almost every day I've been home, and locals are able to count how many HOT days we've actually had so far this year (Only 3 days over 90 degrees). Luckily though my garden is still trying. I think the weeds are trying harder though! I am very pleased with my garden this year. My mom was kind enough to give to me a start of my grandmothers old fashioned rose bush which is something that I always loved about my grandma and spending time at her house. I

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My Green Thumb is Itching!

Although I've been a little lost without Rosie the past few weeks, I haven't been sitting around doing nothing on my time off. My green thumb has been itching, so I've been getting my garden ready to go. Well, I'm sort of trying to get it ready to go since there is quite a bit of snow covering my garden yet. I am in garden mode though. I have been dreaming about planting seeds. And ordering seeds. And changing my garden around in my head. I have finally come to the conclusion that with all the weeds we had last year

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