Life on the Farm

An Update From Home


Since so much has changed in the last year I wanted to tell (and show) you what we've been doing out here on the farm. The pictures below will give you a bit of an idea as far as what we did, but I'll run you through it, anyway. A few years ago we made the decision that we needed a new home, mainly because we were freezing to death every winter. Our old farmhouse was not completely beyond repair, (it needed a new basement, the walls were insulated with newspaper, we needed a bedroom and bathroom on the main floor,

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A New Member


Wow. Where to start. First and foremost thank you to everyone for all of the great, kind, and loving comments from my hiatus post. I have missed you all very much. But I needed a break. A big break I guess. That being said, I hope you all had a wonderful summer & fall. I've spent more time outdoors and NOT on a computer than I have in a long time. We gardened, wrangled chickens & ducks, took a family vacation with my parents &  brother, enjoyed life as usual, but even more so I think this year than

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On Hiatus

chicky copy

        I’ve been gone. In my mind I packed a bag from One Girl Trucking and took a trip. Unfortunately I didn’t tell anyone I was leaving, and I do appreciate the emails asking where I’ve been. Truly I do. My life is busy. I’m guessing your life is busy too. A couple months ago I felt as if I was meeting myself coming and going. Trying to write, make and sell curtains, and generally keep everyone happy.  Finally, I came to the conclusion that I needed to have heart to heart with

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Spring Fever

Rufus, Duck, Drake

The snow, ice, and cold are getting to me us. And sitting in Arizona with bright sunshine and green grass popping up in the ditches isn't helping any! I keep sitting here thinking that when I get home I'm going to go out and start digging and planting! And then I slowly come back to reality, the reality that there is 3 feet of snow coving my gardens right now... ugh! And I'm betting with this last storm that has rocked the nation, a good share of you feel the same way! We've all been stuck inside for way too

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Taking in the Simple Things

The Girls

Can you believe it's November already? I am SO not ready for what is to come... I've been doing a lot of walking as of late, looking at our property, taking in the smells of fall, the crunching of leaves under foot, and enjoying simple outdoor pleasures while I have my chance. Yesterday was a beautiful day. Sadly I spent most of it running around town getting groceries, going to an eye appointment, picking up Rosie after having her water pump replaced and new steer tires put on, then finally dropping off my wagon

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The Magical Hummingbird

I thought I'd share my last Hummingbird of the year. Have a great Saturday everyone!

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Flight & Fight

Turkey Vulture

The other night as Hubs and I were sitting on the deck we had a huge shadow fall over the deck which made me grab my camera thinking it was a hawk which is an unusual visitor this time of year. This guy though was way bigger than our red-tailed hawk, and it quickly explained why my 5 hens quickly & quietly scattered from the deck--which is something we cannot seem to get them to do, no matter how many times we shoo them off. I quickly asked Hubs 'what iss dead' around our property since these birds are

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Lunar Eclipse

Moon, Lunar Eclipse

Saturday morning I was up early for no reason at all really, or so I thought. I went down to the kitchen and perked a pot of coffee and waited for light to come until it dawned on me the lunar eclipse would be happening in just a few minutes. There was a lot of cloud cover so I wasn't sure how much I would be able to see. And then the sky opened up, so there I sat in my pajamas on our sidewalk taking pictures. In 22 degree weather. Then the moon started dropping behind our grove so I ran into the

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Black Friday & Milo Otis


Not much is happening around the farm today. In fact when you look outside you would NEVER know it was Black Friday, which is a good thing! It is quiet here for sure and I am loving it! Everyone is back home safe and sound this afternoon and I'm recuperating from a major cooking marathon! Tomorrow I'm making ribs to go with the rest of the leftovers, since we have one more round of kids coming and then Thanksgiving will finally be over. And I for one will be thankful for that! I am also thankful Milo Otis came

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Read At Your Own Risk – Factory Farming

@Socks Pig_228x200

The pictures below are not nice. I just want to forewarn you before you look. I ran to town yesterday to get groceries since my parents are coming down for the weekend. On my way home I thought I would take the back roads and have an enjoyable ride. What I came upon made me sick, but it also cements the reason deep within me as to why I do not support factory farming and why I buy all of my meat from local people that I know. And most importantly, I know how they raise their animals... Factory farming runs rampant in

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