Knights of the Road

Daily Life on the Road for Women


I receive a lot of emails from women asking how I live while out of the road- as far as taking care of myself hygiene wise. So today I thought I would put together a few picture with some links on what I use and how I get along while on the road and most importantly, how I still look like a lady which is very important to me. Most days I'm able to grab a shower, but there are those days where it just doesn't get done. Either because I get stuck at a dock, end up parking away from a truck stop, or the place closest

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Near and Dear to My Heart

Lori Jean

Last week, the trucking community I know & love came together. Big time. A fellow truck driver had a very bad truck accident which left her with the loss of her right arm, among other injuries and she's still fighting a huge fight. I do not know Lori, but I have a  lot of good friends that do, and they all love her. At this point, whether we have ever met or not, she is my idol. Having an accident is something every driver- be it in a semi truck, or a personal vehicle fears. It is something that my nightmares

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Winter Thoughts


"Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple." ~Dr. Seuss Nights like this when the trip is almost over,  you can't help but go over the ride you've had along the way. Your out on the road alone, so you hash over the bad weather you have encountered. The people you've met along the way. The equipment that has broke because of the weather. The work you do alone and the fact you figure it out all by yourself. Then you have to wonder if it's all worth it. Even though your dead tired, something

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A Great Loss

I found out very early this morning a very dear lady passed last night, and although shocked, I am so saddened that the trucking community has lost such a wonderful, wonderful soul. We needed you out here with us Ms. Donna. You and your HUGE personality will be so missed. Since I know you loved this video I am posting it again. You and I could have been sisters... And I know that you are out in the wind, doing what you love best. Ride on Ms. D you will be in my thoughts and prayers...

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Living in a Truck 101

I thought I would do a quick post since I whipped these up this afternoon. Living in a truck has its goods and bad. For me, I've found some easy ways to adapt living in a truck box most like living at home which makes road life pretty good. One thing I have found though, is living in a truck  leaves you with not a lot of privacy which some days bugs me. Most trucks are equipped with curtains of some sort, but they are like everyone else's which I do not like. And for a flat top pete and most of the kenworth trucks I've

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A Family Thing

The one thing I have learned over the years is that I'm not like a lot of the drivers out on the roads today. Granted, there are still a lot of drivers with my love and respect for trucking, but it seems these days we are further and fewer in between. Today it seems, these so called truck drivers are out here to make a quick buck or it was the last thing they could do to survive. My Grandfather and I I wasn't raised that way. I'm here because I love trucking and I love trucks to the bone. I've been around them my

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A Drivers View #3

We are all familiar with some of the reasons that the professional truck driver is under attack. Although I see these drivers out on the road too, I want you to know there are more top notch drivers out here than you may think. As a professional driver, I am very proud of what I do and the people I have come to know out here on the road over the years. Besides teaching people what a drivers life is like, I am trying to introduce you to the cream of the crop of truckers. The Kings and Queens of the road. These are the

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Alive and Unscathed

This may ramble. At this point I'm so shook up I don't know if I should shit or go blind, but I want to write this while it's fresh in my mind, and right now I don't belong behind the wheel. 20 minutes ago I was going north on HWY 83 in Kansas. I was all alone, no one in front of, or behind me. This part of Kansas is very desolate, with not much traffic, which is why I love it. It's a road I'm very familiar with, as I have traveled it for years now. I was heading north bound on HWY 83 just south of Oakley Kansas. The

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The Highlander

Miss Bethany presented me with a series of questions about my passion for trucks and how I deal with my profession in today’s world of trucking. I thought I’d answer her in a different context with a story of myself and how I started watching trucks ply the roads as a child. Today I’m known as “The Highlander” and this is my story. As a child, anything with an engine fascinated me. I lived close to a major drag strip and would listen to the cars racing at night off in the distance. This started my passion for

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A Truck Drivers View #2

For my second driver interview I would like to introduce Paul Tarin or Slimeface as many of you may know him on Flickr and Twitter. I met Paul through Flickr a few years back, and I have to say that before I ever knew a thing about this guy his soulful, eye-catching pictures of the road drew me in. I wanted to know him. I wanted to know how he did what he did with a camera! He took pictures of what I have felt and seen over the years as I’ve drove all over the United States and never could put into words or into a

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