Women in Trucking

Poppy Rose

    One of my last updates before I disappeared from here was about our new addition to the family and farm. Our bundle of joy. Our pride and... hell on four little paws, Ms Poppy Rose. She's the other big reason for the long break here at One Girl Trucking. It's funny, because I didn't really expect life to change that much, but it sure did. When I use to truck by myself, my time was spent driving, working on Rosie, and updating this website. It was easy to stop and take pictures, or just lay

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Daily Life on the Road for Women

I receive a lot of emails from women asking how I live while out of the road- as far as taking care of myself hygiene wise. So today I thought I would put together a few picture with some links on what I use and how I get along while on the road and most importantly, how I still look like a lady which is very important to me. Most days I'm able to grab a shower, but there are those days where it just doesn't get done. Either because I get stuck at a dock, end up parking away from a truck stop, or the place closest

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