The Trucking Industry

Decorating Your Truck 101


Living in a truck can get monotonous at times. A driver can run through many emotions in just one day, especially when things are not going as planned, which seems to happen a lot in the trucking industry, am I right? When you have to leave your home and family behind, especially on certain days-- like when you don't want to go!, those feelings can be even worse. And it doesn't help when you look at the truck your sitting in as just another tool for work, rather than making it your second home- which it should

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Something we already Knew

Highway Sign

This story below is taken from the Trucker and I think validates what a lot of us truckers have felt about accidents all along involving personal vehicles and semi trucks. Yeah, we already knew this but it sure looks great in print. Once again driving home its point that it’s important for the federal Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) program to fairly address crash accountability, the American Trucking Associations today released results from several studies that found car drivers to be far more at fault in

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Partnership, Love & Trucks

I wrote this before Christmas, and had meant to post it then, but as usual life got busy and something else came up. The reason I wrote this is because there are a lot of people going off and deciding to drive a truck these days- both male and female. Trucking is not the easiest profession on a relationship-actually it can be damn hard or totally wreck relationships, and it really takes a lot of love and understanding on both spouses part to make it work. Friday night I knew I should go. My mom called warning me of

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Making Assumptions


For any of you that have been following along since the beginning, you know the reason I started One Girl trucking was because a drunk woman ran out in front of my truck, with her kids cheering her on because she said that I was speeding. And if you didn't, now you do! Well, you know what they say about assumptions right? I kind of had a conversation on Facebook with a gal that I grew up with not too long ago- the reason I say kind of is because after I told her that I thought she was making assumptions, she

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Truck Cooking PT3

Truck Cooking

Some days, I do things backwards. It's just who I am. I've shared a few meals that I've cooked while out trucking from the midwest to the southwest, as well as ideas, but I've never really shown you what I cook with. So, since I'm sitting here waiting for my produce to come out of the fields, and they are taking their very sweet time, I feel asleep while writing this, the produce finally came out of the field and I'm now home sweet home, but I thought I would gather my equipment and show you how I live in a truck,

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Practicing Mindfulness


As the year draws to an end, I had HUGE plans for a nice post about my year and what it has meant to me. After all, I’ve done things I never dreamed I would do; I’ve had photographers out to the farm, and stories printed in magazines. I’ve hauled a load of homegrown, natural, grass fed, beef to people that were amazingly happy to see me (and their beef). I’ve met astounding people that have changed my world, and how I look at it and that includes all of you-you are all amazing…. However, after the trip down, maybe the

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Truck Cooking PT2

Tortilla Pizza, Fresh, Homemade

You may remember this above photo from my truck cooking post a while back. I have been on an adventure, and it has been a relaxing & satisfying one at that. I was brought up trucking with the mindset that you go until you are done. I have never been stuck on the road for 6 weeks at a time- even as a company driver, and it is a rarity for me to have to sit and wait on a load more than a handful of times in a year. For me, time has always been of the essence. There is no screwing around when I'm

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Life & Truck Navigation


A while back as I was browsing through my many, many notes & directions looking for an old route into a cold storage that I had been to before, I took a picture. It wasn’t anything fancy, just a picture of my hand written driving directions going into an onion shed in Washington State. I laughed at myself thinking that this was my GPS—the only one I truly believe in, even though I know GPS's are becoming more and more popular with truck drivers every day. I myself refuse to buy one and have snubbed out Hubs

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midco supply company

Generally, I try to write about what happens out here on the road in good light (because there are so many writing about the bad) and, although I have obviously written some not so good stories about the trucking industry over the years, I have always said that I write about what I know. The following is totally what I know and what I'm guilty of, and it probably does not put me in the best of light in front of all of you, because I did lower myself to another persons level. I always try to be the best I can out

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Cattle Drive!


If you follow along here at One Girl Trucking, you know I take the back roads more than not.Every once in a while I get lucky and find a cattle drive somewhere in the middle of nowhere, that I get to watch... and some days I actually get to ride through the cattle drive! I thought you may enjoy riding along too, enjoy~

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