Trucking Advocacy Bullshit

So. Here we go again folks… I was left the below message by someone named Judy who I'm guessing is yet another "Advocate" to the trucking industry. (Yay, just what we need) She thinks she knows trucking, and I guess she also thinks she knows me. Now normally I would not "out" someone and just write about the message I was privately sent. Since she posted this on my public Facebook page (for some reason I just found it a little bit ago) and I thought I would share my thoughts with anyone who cared to read. Judy

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Hey, Entertain Yourself!

truck stop parking lot

Trucking is a different lifestyle, and anytime someone starts asking questions sounding remotely interested in the industry, one of the first things I will tell them is that you had better like being alone. There are a lot of hours that are spent alone out here, especially if you are a solo driver. And of coarse those hours get even longer when you’re hung up waiting on a load or doing a 34 hour restart in the middle of B.F.E. which is usually located in a dirt parking lot next to shitville. Trust me, at times,

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Since I am out here amongst men more so than women most days, I run into a few guys now and then (or more) that like to either bullshit me or  show me where the bear shits in the woods. So to speak. I’m guessing some may be a bit worried that I may want their job, some just want to impress me, and some just plain don’t think I belong out here on the road in a truck. Especially in a flat top Peterbilt. I keep notes about some of the things guys say to me. I find it entertaining, and someday I may write a book. Here

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Really? What The Hell Is Wrong With People?

Photo credit: Jesus needs new PR I cannot say I'm religious. I don't swing any one way really. I would say I'm a dukes mixture of Catholic which I was raised on, Buddhist, and Pagan. Since I was told by my Lutheran pastor (I married into the religion) that I could not go pray in my field next to my house the same as I could in church I'm a bit against religion. Actually, when it comes right down to religion, I am more against the hypocrites than anything or anyone else, but that's just me. Anyhow, that is neither here

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CVSA 2010 Bullshit


My Personal Mechanic Every year it happens. Every year around this time, all you hear when you walk into a truck stop a day or two before CVSA's annual event is all the chatter going on about the big DOT 72 hour road check.... For my readers who are not truckers I will explain a bit more. Every year the CVSA (Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance) holds a 72 hour crack down on big trucks checking log books, doing inspections on trucks, and the drivers themselves. You can read about how they say they save lives and avoid

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