Daily Life on the Road for Women


I receive a lot of emails from women asking how I live while out of the road- as far as taking care of myself hygiene wise. So today I thought I would put together a few picture with some links on what I use and how I get along while on the road and most importantly, how I still look like a lady which is very important to me. Most days I'm able to grab a shower, but there are those days where it just doesn't get done. Either because I get stuck at a dock, end up parking away from a truck stop, or the place closest

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Truck Cooking PT3

Truck Cooking

Some days, I do things backwards. It's just who I am. I've shared a few meals that I've cooked while out trucking from the midwest to the southwest, as well as ideas, but I've never really shown you what I cook with. So, since I'm sitting here waiting for my produce to come out of the fields, and they are taking their very sweet time, I feel asleep while writing this, the produce finally came out of the field and I'm now home sweet home, but I thought I would gather my equipment and show you how I live in a truck,

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Truck Cooking PT2

Tortilla Pizza, Fresh, Homemade

You may remember this above photo from my truck cooking post a while back. I have been on an adventure, and it has been a relaxing & satisfying one at that. I was brought up trucking with the mindset that you go until you are done. I have never been stuck on the road for 6 weeks at a time- even as a company driver, and it is a rarity for me to have to sit and wait on a load more than a handful of times in a year. For me, time has always been of the essence. There is no screwing around when I'm

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A Small Part of My World

Peterbilt Sleeper, My World, Bunk

So I thought I would share a small part of my world. I've been waiting on 10 pallets of grapes to come over the Mexican border for 23 hours now and still. I. am. waiting. This is the unglamorous part of trucking ha ha ha... It's hot out and since I don't feel like sweating, and mostly since I don't look too glamourous sweating I have taken to the bunk and air conditioning for the duration of the afternoon. This morning I did get up and out of the truck. I went for a walk, then made a good, hot, homemade

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Eating Breakfast in Style

Steel Cut Oats

I am always looking for good things to whip up so that I can have good healthy food to eat while on the road. And I am also always running out of time while home, so the quicker & less fussy the better and more enjoyable for me! I generally do not eat too much when it comes to sweets which is what people seem to like in the morning. Generally cereal of any kind never seems to stick with me anyway, so I usually end up skipping breakfast all together if I haven't made a quiche to bring along, but I came across this

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Eating & Living in a Truck

I promised a LONG time ago that I would do a post on eating in a truck and I am finally getting to it. Sorry for the delay! I really try to eat healthy while on the road, but more than that I want easy and tasty to go with it-sometimes even more so than healthy. I have a two rules that I live by in my truck, so I limit myself more than some, but I think I make do quite well. I never want to get out of my truck smelling like food of any kind & I don't want a mess in Rosie, so these are the rules! I will not

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Be A Prepared Trucker

So last week while home I changed oil, fuel filters and rewired lights on Rosie. I also scrubbed my carpets of all the winter yuck that had accumulated and got her looking and smelling all nice and pretty. Once I was done with the interior I headed to my side boxes to see if they needed a once over too. They needed it. Big time. I pulled everything out and started over, but I'm pretty sure everything except for a pair of winter shoes and Rosies winter front went right back in. Living in a smaller truck like Rosie,

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Healthy Eating

I am always trying to eat healthy. Out on the road it's not always easy though. I do our cooking at home, and try to bring a portion with, but I always feel like I should leave more home for Hubs than for myself since he is a big baby and will not do too much in the ways of feeding himself unless it comes out of a box or can. I have been whipping this quick sandwich/tortillas up for myself for quite a while now and I'm finding I eat it a couple times a week while on the road, if not most of the time since it is so

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Danny’s Big Rig Resort

I have been stopping at Danny’s Big Rig Resort for about 10 years now. In that 10 years I have moved, bought houses, trucks, married my dear Hubs, and a zillion other things that change in life. One thing that has not changed in all that time is the service at Danny’s. I have been going to write a story about Danny’s for some time, but usually I’m not here long enough, I’m dead tired and all I care to do is look at the back of my eyelids or my truck is being rebuilt down the street and I don’t have anything on my

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Time Spent

Thankfully, Rosie and I have made it safely to Arizona without too many problems. Sometimes in trucking the week really rolls right on by. Other times it's a waiting game. Today is one of those days, and you have to be patient. I try to make the most out of my time though and today is no exception. Although I would love to be loaded and heading to the house right now, Rosie and I have a nice spot to park (covered even) and I'm able to be outdoors which makes me happy. Plus I get to watch cool trucks roll by which also

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